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Gurtok Piercer not dropping right Athame

Jun 20, 2009
okay so I've been farming the Gurtok Piercer in Dragonspyre's last dungeon for my death wiz. I've probably killed it 40 times in three days and i keep getting the wrong type of Athame. I want one for my death wizard but it won't drop it its always an Athame for Storm, Myth, and Balance most of the time. Why isn't he dropping death. Kingisle can you either lower the drop rate of those three or make the drop rate for the death Athame higher. Please and Thnak you..

Jesse Liferiver

Aug 23, 2009
It's all the luck of the drop, unfortunately there is no accounting for what has been dropped already or for what you may want. If it hasn't dropped by 200-300th defeat I'd be surprised, and yes it can take that many times or more to get what you want. Frustrating, but fact of life for boss farming. Good luck.