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goodbye dragonspyre hello celestia

Jul 08, 2013
hey wizards i finished dragonspyre! phew that last dungeon was rough i can 't wait to learn and magic

and celestia looks awesome i can't wait to see what else has in store for my wizard

Justin moon runner wizard

Eric ice talon wizard

Sep 17, 2012
Congratulations. I don't know what level you are or if you have done Wintertusk yet, but now would be a good time if you haven't. Celestia ramps up the difficulty level a few notches. I find that using the break between DS and CS is a perfect time to level up using Wintertusk. This also allows you to get the level 56 crafted gear from WT, it's the best gear available until Waterworks (and WW gear is really only a minor improvement over it). You will get through CS a lot easier if you have Wintertusk under your belt.
Happy questing!