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Good Level For Dragonspyre?

Feb 07, 2011
I am a lvl 38 sorcerer and am about maybe ten quests into dragonspyre. Is this a good lvl to be at especially at the area i am at.

May 20, 2010
It's way too low. You should be at least level 43 now.

While Balance wizards generally lose about one level due to Sandstorm (they use it, a level 4 spell, in Krokotopia against level 2 enemies, and because of that they earn less experience), you've also apparently been skipping side quests. This isn't a good idea, as it means you have less base Health and Mana, and get lesser stats because you can't yet obtain higher-level equipment.

My suggestion is to go back to Mooshu and do all of the side quests there, then probably to Marleybone as well.