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Good Gear? Help!

Nov 17, 2013
I am a level 44 ice wizard currently questing in Dragonspyre.
I have horrible gear and have to buy minions whenever my friends are not online so I don't die fighting a boss!
I have watched so many YouTube videos on how to get good ice gear but cannot find any videos on level 40 (even 45).
Just to prove how sucky my gear is:

Damage: Fire: 0 Storm: 0 Balance: 0 Life: 0 Myth: 0 Death: 0 Ice: 8
Resist: Fire: 0 Storm: 7 Balance: 0 Life: 0 Myth: 0 Ice: 0
Accuracy: Fire: 0 Storm: 0 Balance: 0 Life: 0 Myth: 0 Ice: 3

Please help! Thanks.
(Remember, I am level 44 ice. My name is Autumn SilverStaff.)


Sep 05, 2009
Head to the Wizard City Bazaar in Olde Town. They have some really nice gear. Try to get the gear that gives Health Damage Accuracy.

Mar 03, 2012
I recommend going to the bazaar in Olde Town and picking some up there if you haven't. They usually have pretty good gear. My 40+ storm is using the Senator Robe dropped in Mount Olympus if you can farm it with some friends.

Feb 22, 2013
If I were you, I would farm Mount Olympus in Aquila. The full zeus gear lasted me from marleybone to the end of Dragonspyre on my storm. That's what I'd do honestly.

Jul 18, 2010
I highly reccomend that you level up to level 45 first. Just do some sidequests in easier worlds like mooshu and marleybone. Then head to the bazaar and sort it by school and level, so it'll show you level 45 ice gear. Buy stuff that has damage, health, power pip chance, and universal resist. For ring and athame, I like to buy ones at level 45 that are any school. I do this cause most of them give power pip chance. I'd say get the one that gives power pip chance and incoming healing, or the one with health. Same for ring I guess, unless you want mana which is helpful too. Good luck