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Giant Homunculus - Dragon Statue Drop

Aug 07, 2014
Dear Fellow Wizards & Lady Witches

I have a problem and would like some info.

I am at the present time farming the 'Giant Homunculus' in the 'Drake Hatchery' for the 'Regal Dragon Statue'.

So far I have been to that 'Elemental' over 50 times and still the 'Great Monstrosity' will not drop the statue. Before him I was farming 'Kraysys' in 'The Forum' hoping he would drop it. No luck there either.

My question is. Has anyone successfully gotten said statue and how long did it take you? And should I just give up, if the drop rate is too low.

Not being greedy or anything of such nature, but I would really like 2 of these statues for my 'Death Witch' Tavia.