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Getting the Book

Nov 09, 2009
Ok so like an idiot I forgot to grab the book when I fought flamebringer eons ago. It's the last book I need, anyone know howto get back in there and where to find him again if you've already turned in that quest? I would really appreciate the help!

Dec 23, 2008
Well, I can't remember who Flamebringer is off the top of my head, but the answer to the question is yes, you can get back in. Two scenarios:

1. Flamebringer is in a regular house with a sigil in the front, and you can just walk right in and have a chat with him.

2. Flamebringer is in a house which requires a quest. This normally happens in the instanced missions, such as the Labyrinth. When you enter one of those, you just need to pick up the quest from the "host" at the front of the instance. (You don't have to complete the entire instance quest.)

Nov 09, 2009
unfortunately neither of those were helpful. I already turned in the quest and can't get it again, and you have to have the the quest to get in the house it looks like,but thanks for the input anyway? anyone else have any ideas?

Jul 04, 2009
Flamebringer's Tower is repeatable. All you need to do is go back in the Grand Chasm and go to his tower (look at your map once you are in the Grand Chasm ... way on the other end ... southwest corner, northwest edge)