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Getting into Crown of Fire

Sep 03, 2008
Can anyone tell me the correct way to get into Crown of Fire? I tried activating the crystals at the same time with two other people, but it did not work (although one person said he saw "door unlocking"). At any rate it was still locked to me. Is that really the correct way to enter this level? Is there anyway for me to enter this level without needing extra help?

Aug 19, 2008
You have to activate the three crystals at exactly the same time.

You state that the doors didn't open for you. Did you have the actual quest?

Not sure that anyone will ever be able to solo this since later you have to defeat the monsters on both sides at the same time.

Good luck!

Sep 03, 2008
Well, my request is exploring Malistaire's lair. I´ve been running around the great spiral these past days trying to find his lair with no luck. Crown of Fire is the only place that I haven´t been able to explore, so I figured I must need to go there to find Malistaire's lair. Am I wrong with this assumption?

Mar 07, 2009
Someone already answered you but I will try to go into greater detail. You must first kill one of the elephant bosses so a bridge opens up, then you have two people other than yourself to go to all of the three crystals, and activate them all at the same time.

Once that happens the door to the Crown of Fire will be unlocked. You must then kill two Draconians at the same time so that the next door will be unlocked. You can then walk to the end of the hall where Malistaire is waiting. Good luck.

Blaze Willowthorn, Grandmaster Necromancer