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Furniture Boss Drops - Are you kidding me??

Dec 16, 2008
HatTrick3 wrote:
I WAS farming Veleska Redwing in the Drake Hatchery in an attempt to try and get the Life Sword/Wand to add to my collection as this and the Fire sword are all I am missing.

Well, after going through the 6 - 8 levels of battles, by myself, just to get to her... I get the win and what did I get???

Redwind's Tunic of Tornados? No
Redwind's Shocking Ring? No
Redwind's Cap of the Chill? No
Redwind's Boots of the Boastful? No
Redwind's Blade of the Forgotten? No
Redwind's Viridian Blade? Dfinately Not!

All I received for my trouble is a Clawed Wall Sconce... Are you kidding me???

Furniture drops from Bosses, especially in towers that require multiple battles just to get to them has got to be one of the worse ideas ever.

Please continue random furniture drops from mobs and bosses that do not require anything but walking into a room, no problem...

But PLEASE discontinue the furniture drops from these type of bosses. If it was a House or Castle then maybe I would not be so upset, but a clawed wall sconce, really???

Christo Deathgiver
Master of Death, Drake Rider and Savior of the Spiral
I seem to have a little better luc kthen some people. I have gotten 2 jade swords, 1 oyotomi and a lot of boss swords in DS. I farmed Oakheart for about 50 times and for pet and got it but no sword

Oct 31, 2009
What?! I take NO furniture for granted from small candle to cyclops statue.

Furniture I care about.

Its cool. If you have a good house; people look up to you... ... kind of.

~Jacob Ghostwhisper level 32 Magus Thaumaturge~
See ya in the spiral!

Aug 18, 2010
i completely agree, i think KI should increase the accuracy for rare furniture drops
like when i was farming for the wraith statue when i was an adept, it took weeks to get it, and of course i couldnt do it alone, many had to help me. and i had to bribe them to get them to help me with treasure cards.
now as a legendary, i am farming for the wyrmskin statue, for what now, like two or three weeks since this post? and i hate it, its very aggravating and i want my wyrmskin statue already. how many times did i kill andor how many times did i kill the silver sentinel?
every time i gotta fight these two bosses in a small chance for a wyrmskin statue,
why cant kingsisile just make them more likely to drop
i mean i know they are rare statues but come on, i am so sick of wasting time farming for something i want.