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funny pirate ravagers XD

Oct 12, 2009
Ok i am in ds i just finished the grand chasm soloed the whole thing
And i found sylvia drakes tomb impossible.
I went back to doing side quests so i started in the tower archives.
I saw the girl katalin nightseeker and i did the pirate ravager quest.
In the first battle they both passed on the first round and they put their hands up like they were saying wave yo arms in the air like ya just dont care!
And they both did it at the same time XD i started busting out laughing.

Sorry but i just had to post this i am still laughing!

Andrew Dragon stalker, level 47 master sorcerer

Aug 30, 2009
Yea, I nearly laughed out loud when I first saw that!

Cody Stormcaster
Lv. 46 Thaumuturge
Mooshu Explorer