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Farming for best storm items (Grandmaster Diviners

Jul 02, 2009
If youre a Grandmaster Diviner and are wanting the best items for you in the game (Malistaire's Wrathful Wrap, Shockblade of the Hoarder, etc.) and are willing to farm for them then go to the Satyr realm i will be there all day today and maybe tomorrow

-Joseph Stormrider lvl 50 storm/fire

Jul 04, 2009
this is a heads up for ya people dont get the same element sword you are for example having the soulsinger's sword while you are death not a good choose people cause if you have all the traps and blades abd what not and use you sword attack you will lose ALL your blades and what not so dont get the hoarder sword when you are storm its a bad choose

May 17, 2009
The best items would be Malistaires Wrathful wrap and some good shoes that give good accuracy good strength and good resistance. The best hats would be the same as shoes. Hope this helps!