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DS+Malistare: Way to weak?

Apr 30, 2010
Ok just so before you say something let it be known that i am a solo player. I do dungeons, bosses and quests alone. Every once in a while i get help from friends though. Ok so here's the thing, the dungeon part to get to Malistare is pretty good and pretty hard but Malistare himself is weak. I want a challenge in DS. I already don't like it so much that they lowered the health of normal people so much. I mean sure its convieniet for some people but where's the challenge in that? I'm proud to say that i defeated the Labyrinth a couple of times by myself but i really shouldn't have been able to do it so easily. Where's the challenge KI? I don't want to get through everything without even being at risk of dying. Out of all the worlds the one i had the most trouble with was KT, but that was because i wasn't experienced as a wizard.
Malistare should either have more then ten thousand health or stronger minions. He drops great stuff, you should actually have to work to get it. Two or maybe even three Level 45-50 should have trouble defeating Malistare, it should be like the last bosses in the Hall of Valor, where some people might have to flee and then port back. I don't think it should be too hard but is being a little harder too much to ask? I liked the way it was before they changed the health of normal people. DS is supposed to be a challenge people. Honestly how many of you newer players in ds feel challenged by it? (Newer as in the last couple of weeks)
I sure hope the new world (Don't know how to spell it) is harder. I like to feel challenged in games but for some reason in ds i feel like i'm cheating. You have to make fighting through the worlds hard and make the reward worth it KI.
I know i might get some people calling me crazy and saying that ds is hard enough as it is but there should be some challenges in this game. I want to get killed in battles a couple of times through out ds at least. That way i can learn from the mistakes and beat them next time. I might have died like once, and actually stayed dead, so far in Ds and I'm almost done with it. Maybe KI could add an optional quest that presented a challenge in ds. Of course the quest would need to have good rewards for completeing it.

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