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DS stores

Mar 07, 2009
Now i havent played in awhile returning after a year or so and my smart self payed for wrong account so after the first month runs out i'll switch to other... Well when i was in DS last on my 42 there was a couple of stores missing. i think there were signs for them just when you talked to the people they didn't sell them. i cant remember which stores exactly but i think it was the robe, hat, shoes. am i remembering right?

May 20, 2010
Dragonspyre doesn't have merchants who sell wands, spell decks, or amulets. These are gotten by advancing through the quest lines and/or through drops.

The stores that exist are in the Atheneum, to the right just before the entrance to the Plaza of Conquests.

The hat, robe, and athame shops are the first building to the right. The stores are up the stairs in back. The athame merchant is to the left as you leave the steps. The hat and robe merchant is to the right.

The ring store is the first building on the left.

The boots and pet store is at the end of the street.