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Drop Rates for Loremaster?

Feb 10, 2013
i was wondering what the actual drop rates for the Loremaster's spells were. i know that it's rare for her to drop the actual spells, but how rare? i have fought her prolly a few hundred times by now and got nothing. is there a sort of trick to this or do you just have to fight and hope for the best?

Destiny StormHunter Lv. 88
Astrals &

Sep 17, 2012
It's totally random every run. On average my wizard got about 1 spell every 200-300 runs. That said I also got spells in back to back runs earning 2 in a matter of minutes, and also have gone weeks on end with nothing for over 1000 runs. There is no answer to your question because it's RANDOM every battle. Your odds are the same every battle until you have learned any lore spells. Every spell you learn lowers your odds of winning another, because you cannot learn spells twice.