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Dragonspyre Wands

May 04, 2010
How come there is no Wand shopkeeper in Dragonspyre? I have also seen once in the WC Bazaar the separate wands that were 0 pips that gave out 110 points. (I currently have the 0 pips, 95 points.)

One for fire = 110
One for storm = 110
One for ice = 110

At the time I did not have the gold to buy them, now I can not find these wands anywhere. Can someone tell me where these wands are now sold? (Everyday for two weeks, I have gone to the Bazaar several times and no luck.) I just find it strange that there is no wands sold in Dragonspyre, and K.I. has not explained why not in their newsletters.

P.S. I have access to all worlds, but Celeste.

May 20, 2010
There have never to my knowledge been wands (actually, they're swords) from Dragonspyre that did 110 damage. The highest I've seen are level 45 swords, they do 90 or 95 damage, and they give a power pip at the start of battle. Since Dragonspyre doesn't have a wand shop, the only ways to get the 90-95 damage swords are from boss drops and at the Bazaar. The Bazaar has an ample stock of each of these swords.

Celestia has the 110 and 120 damage swords. Aleta Masterson, sells the 110-damage level 50 swords for each school. She's found in the base camp (commons) in Celestia. The swords sell for 11250 each. That's generally a better price than they sell for at the Bazaar, but if you can't get into Celestia yet, the Bazaar is a good way to get them.

The 120-damage level 55 wands are boss drops, generally in Stormriven, although some have posted that they've found them elsewhere. They can also be bought at the Bazaar.

May 04, 2010
Thank you colagada! The place I had seen them was at the Bazaar, so according to your statement someone playing in the CL world must have gotten them and then sold them to the Bazaar Keeper. I already have the 95s. I like to use them in conjunction with the various floor rings. They are great strikes without using pips! When I use the floor rings, the 95s can usually strike aprox. 110 - 125 without the fear of fizzle. Even when my pips are too low, I can still get in a hit. Which can make a difference between holding off the enemy or passing, which could giving them the upper hand in the battle.