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DragonSpyre Secret Tower

Oct 10, 2008
I found a secret boss in DragonSpyre, not to mention the whole secret tower! :-o My secret place is called "Knowledge Keeper's Tower" (I know it sounds like the one in the Tower Archives, but it's not.) and it is a tower with 4 levels in the Grand Chasm. Here is what is on each level:

Level 1: 2 Clockwork Defenders: Rank 7 Storm, 1190 health

Level 2: 2 Clockwork Defenders: Rank 7 Storm, 1190 health

Level 3: 1 Fire Avenger: Rank 8 Fire, 1270 health; 1 Fire Scavenger, Rank 7 Elite Fire, 1265 health

Level 4: Vault Protector: Rank 8 Balance boss, 3500 heath; 1 Erratic Servator, Rank 7 Elite Storm, 1270 health

To find Knowledge Keeper's Tower, just go to the Grand Chasm where the vaults are. There are 4 rows of vaults. Go to the one on the end on the second row from the top. (Note: the swirls do not glow.) If you have completed the quest in the Tower Archives to defeat Blackblade, then you will be able to enter. I really have no clue what this is for, because after you defeat the Vault Protector, if you try to go down the steps either forward or behind you, It kicks you out. Just wanted to share my discovery with everyone. 8)

-Elizabeth IceBlossom, level 50 Pyromancer and pyromaniac

May 02, 2009
wow, nice.

I must say that you must have been extremly lucky to find a hidden tower in DS.

I do have a question though, what made you decide to choose that name for the tower for?

thanky you for your time.

Seth ShadowCloud
Master (Pyro)(vi)(rener).
fire storm balance
A good friend.

May 08, 2009
Oct 10, 2008
I didn't choose the name, when you stand on the swirls to get in, it says "Knowledge Keeper's tower, press X to enter."

-Elizabeth IceBlossom, level 50 Pyromancer and pyromaniac

Oct 10, 2008
Dec 14, 2008
there is also a secret tower in the labyrinth or so I have heard. anyways it is probably a glitch the name because there is a tower EXACTLY the same caled knowledge keepers tower. but you fight blackblade there. it is a side quest in tower archives. so I wonder if the naming is a bug but anyways have you gotten any cool drops :D