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Dragonspyre- my problems

Jun 30, 2009
I have been fighting in Dragonspyre just recently, and have been playing with my friend. We got to the Tower of War to learn about the history of Dragonspyre in the Plaza of Conquests. We cannot make it through this tower, and we are having many bugs. Also, i am very confused on where to go after we finish this difficult tower.

Jul 23, 2009
Ok, first the tower of war is actually very easy. I beat it by myself at level 42. Here are some things to make sure you are doing. ALWAYS and i mean ALWAYS make sure you are going down the stairs and not up. If you go up the stairs it takes you to the beggining of the dungeon. If you have a friend it should be no problem. If you still cant beat it, set your spell deck before the fight so it is perfect. Put in good trap cards and shields that fit the strengthes and weaknesses of the opponent.

I hope this helps

Kyle Flame, Level 43 Necromancer