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Dragonspyre is werid and awesome

Oct 24, 2010
WOW! Your kidding me right Ki? Why is dragonspyre weird?
Because when you are in dragonspyre you can almost just stun anybody
including bosses (I dont know if you can stun malistaire), and its awesome because of the gear:

1st reason: dragonspyre gives gear that are more powerful/cooler.

2nd reason: you can also sell the gear that you get from dragonspyre
and sell it at the bazaar witch (dont know how to spell the real word)
gives more gold than grizzlehiem.

Whats your ideas of dragonspyre?

Luke SkySinger
Level 49 Myth
See ya :D

Aug 10, 2011
Yes, Dragonspyre is awesome. It just is. :D And i haven't Stunned anyone in DS So IDK about the Non-Stun-Block thing.

1. True...

2. If you mean Grizzleheim, then heck yeah it does. But if you mean Wintertusk, then Wintertusk actually sells for more.

This is why i like Dragonspyre:
1. Fantastic Graphics
2. It may not seem like it, but i like darkness. o.o
3. Lava, Purple Sky, its Darkness ^
4. Towers! (Audience gasps)
5. I found a Questing Buddy in Plaza of Conquests. XD (We is now in Celestia :o)
6. Malistare!!!
7. Sylivia!!
8. Dramatic Cutscene in Crown of Fire
9. Clothing!!!
10. XP
11. Those cool Spell Quest Summons that i can show off in Popular Districts. LOL!
12. Wizard Dragons who wear Robes
13. Dragonspyre T-Shirts
14. Dragonspyre Coffee Mugs.
15. Food that look like Dragons from Dragonspyre.
16. Somebody with the name Malistaire
17. Anything that is involved with Dragonspyre...

Whoa.. I didn't mean the List to get THAT Long... Sorry...


Not Longer
Malistaire is gone forever
I finished Dragonspyre. (Gosh i miss it)

Thats all the Cons.

So thats what i think of Dragonspyre....

Calamity Orgeblossom Level 48 Theurgist

Jan 14, 2011
I only just got to DS the other day, and so far it is pretty good. I made a pros and cons list of what I think so far.


1. I have a questing buddy with whom I have been friends with since level 20 (so we get along quite well)
2. The lack of many many life wizards (that was why mooshu was evil)
3. The storyline seems cool so far.


1. It is so dark and gloomy!
2. The combat theme irritates me
3. There is a glitch in some of the towers that makes the combat music not play. The silence is more irritating than the music.
4. ... I keep getting lost...

Anyways, that is about it. Oh yeah, I just wanted to mention that I am I life wizard. That is why pro number 2 is there.