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Dragonspyre - Beggars

Jun 09, 2010
What is it with the volume of beggars in DS? Tonight I was in a 2 hour dungeon when one of the people on my friend list just popped on without asking if he could join me. Then another person joins when I am half way done wanting to join in knowing that he had to do over because he had to do the side quests.

While in the dungeon both of them started asking me when I was going to "gift" them for helping.

1. I never asked for help while in this dungeon.

2. Because I didn't "ask" for help why do they seem to think I should be obligated to gift them?

Needless to say, I gifted them both alright. I took them off my friend list. I won't be given demands to gift anyone. I think it is wrong and distasteful. If I want to gift someone I will gift someone without them asking for it.

I know most of the ones doing it likely are children who don't get the extra money to pay for the crowns. But they shouldn't be doing it. I have decided from now on anyone on my friend list that starts to beg will find themselves off my list. And honestly that is a good suggestion for everyone that has friends. If they beg, can em. I know I will be from now on.

A tip for the beggars:

.You get more from people if you don't ask.

. Actually help in the game.

. Ask before porting. Its common courteousy and your more likely to receive treats when you do something in return not expectign anything.

.If they don't reward you just simply ask if they will "help" you the next time you battle.

I don't mind helping newbies in the games folks. But I really hate when someone tries to mooch off of me without expecting to help in return. And I don't like when people expect me to gift them something. If you want something out of me ask if I will help in game. I will be glad too. But don't take advantage of the help. I have questing to do as well.

I had one person make the comment that I had been in the game a long time. I have only been in the game about a month and a half. This is my first account and character. I worked hard at what I do. I put in a lot of game time. The game doesn't have to be hard to level. I just get tired of the remarks,just because I am too busy to stop what I am doing to help someone. I was in a two hour dungeon today, someone wanted me to leave to help them. I am sorry but I am not going to leave a two hour dungeon to help anyone!! And I am sure that nobody else would either. So if someone needs me to help them "wait" till I am done with the long stuff like Dungeons first when I am in them! I am not leaving a 2 hour dungeon just to beat two 750 hit point beasts for anyone!

Jul 17, 2009
From what I read on the forums unfortunately your problem seems to happen to many people. I had the same problem awhile back before the gifting function started. I deleted many people for just popping in without asking. One reason why my port option is off. As an open chatter I also don't accept friend requests from menu only. I realize I could be missing out on making some friends but let's get real.....just how much conversation can you have with someone with menu chat.

All in all I love this game and currently have 2 grandmasters with 4 other wizards very close. Lol...also have 3 other accounts loaded as well. This is the best online game I've found in a long time. I applaud KI for coming up with it.

Hope you enjoy your gaming!

Jul 26, 2009
That is part of the reason why the only friends I have are ones I know in
Real Life. Takes the drama out of playing the game.

Jun 04, 2009
if they ask dont gift them anything! only if you want to you cna gift it to someone.