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Dragonspire is too easy!

Oct 28, 2010
I got Dragonspyre a few weeks ago after I beat Jade Oni and Cyrus Drake (duh!). Between now and then I have beaten every Antheneum area and I am on the drake hachery. So, why is this so easy? I finished the Plaza of conquests and beat the Grand Chasim in about an hour, even my battles so far in the drake hachery are incredibly short! Please tell me if you think this too.
Alexandra Goldesong, Level 46 ice

Mar 11, 2012
Oct 24, 2010

No. It's not easy for everyone. I'm glad you felt like sharing...good luck farther into Dragonspyre. :-)

Jul 20, 2009
My opinion is Dragonspyre is good the way it is. The main reason is, because I like to get to celestia/grandmaster as soon as I can since that is my favorite world and a decent level. Plus since you are ice and have lots of health and such defense, the battles may seem harder for schools with lower health like fire/myth/(perhaps storm)/. Also considering that most of the enemies in dragonspyre are fire. Plus Life has health but they do not have an all-attacking enemy. So ice and death are the only ones who seem to make it easily. That is my opinion.

Feb 24, 2009
Wanna know why dragonspyre is "easy"?

Read these update notes:

Enemies use to have 2,000+ health.
Quests use to require up to 36 enemies to finish.
Towers use to have twice or even three times more rooms.
'Fight and collect' quests needed more than 1 item.
Some quests gave 200-300 exp, and 500 AT MAX.

See why they made dragonspyre easier? People complained. Pretty sure there are some old forum posts from a few years ago if you dont believe me.