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Dragon's Roost Rose

Dec 19, 2008
Please help! This is the only rose I haven't found, could someone give a detailed description of where this rose is? A friend and I beat Malistaire, found the last book and the Crown of Fire rose, and looked and looked for this one and neither one of us could find it! :-( I would appreciate anyone's help in completing my last quest! Thanks so much!

Autumn FoeStalker
GrandMaster Pyromancer

Aug 20, 2008
I thought I heard that it's not in Dragon's roost but in Malistaire's lair. I could be wrong though.

Sep 02, 2008
Not sure which rose you are talking about but here is some help:

1. The dragon that is waiting for you to ride to get to Malistares fortress there is a rose VERY close by it between a building and wall.

2. The dragon you ride will land on a platform - go inside and to the left in a corner is a rose. This rose is OUTSIDE of the central building that is the entrance to the spiral that goes up to Malistare's lair.

3. There is another rose in malistare's lair near the rocks on the left side where you fight the four ghost like monsters.

Hope this helps

Dec 31, 2008
I was told that it is on the rocks in the crown of fire. Does that sound familiar?

Oct 29, 2008
its on the side of the room where you fight the minions in malistaires throne room

Dec 19, 2008
Thank you all SO SO SO much for your help! I had already found the Crown of Fire rose (the one by Malistaire) it was the other one that I couldn't find. I am so thankful to all you for giving me an answer :-) My quest list is empty and I am looking forward to conquering the next world when it comes out.

Autumn Foestalker
Grandmaster Pyromancer

Mar 08, 2009
The dragon's roost rose. first find the young Battledrake. Turn around and go left behind the building.