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dragon claw canyon

Sep 17, 2009
hi im a lvl 50 balance killed mr m and i cant find dragon claw canyon any where! help! i need it for stone roses so i can get vampire! also if you see autumn owlglade she'll help u cuz thats me.
~autumn owlglade lvl 50 sorcerer/diana unicornsinger 22 life

May 22, 2009
I believe the dragon claw canyon rose is OUTSIDE the great spyre. Before going into the dungeon look in the area to the left of the entrance (as you face it). The rose is back towards the door that takes you back to the drake launching pad. It is in a crevice and sort of hard to find.

Hannah Lifebringer Level 50 Life

May 02, 2009
superluther is right. At first I got confused as where the dragon claw canyon was at, but once I watched a youtube vid on the stone roses, I found out where it was.

When you get to the canyone, take a right at the first set of spirit guards, as the stone rose is in that area, close to the back. It can be hard to see as it blends in to it's surroundings, like a chameleon, but it is there.

Hope we helped.

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