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Dedicated Malistaire and Jotun server

Aug 12, 2009
Is there an arbitrary world where people gather to do Malistaire or Jotun runs? If not, can we form one?

It would be mighty convenient if people here banded together to make a world, Imp for example, where you hop to if you want to kill Malisatire. It would save a lot of time trying to dreg up enough interested people if those spread throughout the realms can focus on 1 world.

Perhaps another for Jotun runs?

May 20, 2010
That would essentially turn that realm into another Nutty River (Toontown), where the supposed elite players go.

The problems would include, but not be limited to:

1) The realm would usually be full, so it would be hard to get into.

2) Since a large number of players would be in a graphics-intensive area and requesting the same things, the servers would be overloaded, and the game would lag more than it does now.

3) Low level beggars would swarm the area trying to friend people and then teleport in for freebies, which would frustrate those who were trying to bait (induce an unnecessary group of enemies into a fight until everybody else went around, then flee, restock mana, and teleport back in) or who had to leave and return.

4) There would be a jogjam at the entrance point, and "shuffling" would occur as players tried to go with certain wizards and avoid others. That would lead to groups being formed and hard feelings resulting from those who couldn't get into a group.

The above would result in much complaining, name-calling, and general rude conversation, Then the griefers and trolls would show up to have their "fun". Then more beggars would come in, wanting people to gift them mounts and such. Then traders would show up.

The concept is good, but it's happend on other MMORPG's, and it usually leads to more problems than benefits, in my opinion.

Aug 12, 2009
You raise good points. Perhaps this would be good in theory, but bad in practice. Any other ideas?

I often play after midnight, where there are no full worlds, and groups are scarce. Often it is frustrating to spend 60 minutes pulling together enough people for a 20 minute dungeon.

I used to say to myself, “Ok, nobody in dragonspyre right now, so make a new character and play in the lower level areas where there are more people.” However, I now have 6 high level characters, and spend most of my time helping strangers and friends. It is good work, but not much of a challenge.

In the meantime, if any of you want a Malistaire or Jotun run and are having trouble finding people, reply here to find each other.

Jun 07, 2010
LFG function ( looking for group) in MMORPG's always worked. Players have a certain channel that they were able to turn on as a chat, The channel was level bering, meaning players from, say, levels 40 to 50 where only allowed to access this channel.

How it worked was a certain player would go in the lfg chat channel and see what someone wants to make a group for, then join it. Wizard 101 only allows 4 Wizards at one time, so once the group is full it is locked out from other players.

Then have an Instance(dungeon) gate some wheres depending on level and proceed to Malistare, or Juntun.