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Celestia compared to DragonSpyre

Dec 29, 2010
Have any of you noticed that Celestia and DragonSpyre
Are extreamly the same? For example, If celestia was an original plan and the makers of the game had not planned on any further Add-Ons. Is Celestia supposed to be after DragonSpyre?

What I've noticed is there both level 50-60 worlds.

Aug 23, 2009
Yes Celestia is supposed to come after Dragonspyre, it is the beginning of a new story arc; post defeating Malistaire and bringing in new multi-world story and new villian Morganthe. I found both worlds to be different-granted both are past their prime-but the process for all worlds is similar, areas to explore and enemies to defeat. The enemies are stronger both health and spell wise in Celestia compared to Dragonspyre, hence the need for raised level cap from 50 to 60.

May 20, 2010
I don't see how Celestia is like Dragonsypre. Also, Celestia is much harder.

Aug 13, 2010
DragonSpyre came out in 2009. A few months after the game was made. Before DragonSpyre, most players were about level 41 or still low Masters. When it was made, new gear was made for every school. Everyone who was a Master became a GrandMaster. With the gear that gives good attack and an attack, (example: Balance School, give a Judgement card for level 50+ robe dropped by Malistaire, or purchased by Crowns in his lair)

Everyone was anxious when they finished DragonSpyre, to get new spells and level up. Well, in late 2010, Celestia came out. The level increased to level 60. New gear spells and everything. Celestia had much harder bosses and enemies, some even used Storm Lord with Critical (critical powers up your attacks by a lot) and you couldn't even block them (critical block is your chance to block a critical attack). Celestia was very hard for myself, and of course many other people at first. But doing Celestia with a group much faster and more easy. Celestia is 100% harder than DragonSpyre. Even though the last boss, Malistaire had 10,000, and the last boss in Celestia had about 7,000 health, the Celestia boss was more difficult. As it spams smoke screen and cheats.

Sep 26, 2009
If anyone remembers, DS used to have hard creatures. on the street 1500 health. They changed it and shortened the dungeons (after i finished ds -.-) now cl creatures have that health. in short, CL is the new DS, up to a point.

Jul 08, 2010
First of all I extremely strongly diagree with your statement and by the way Dragonspyre is a 40-50 world. Celestia is a 50-60 world. I'm almost in Celestia. (I'm doing side quests to get to level 48 so I can get in.) I've helped a lot of friends in Celestia and I do mean a lot. I've seen a lot of the "monsters" there and they're twice as hard as Dragonspyre. Every time I was there I was so close to getting defeated. I barely made it. I was in some street fights and the "monsters" there were a lot stronger. I wasn't there in 'the old days' so I have no idea what it was like before. These worlds are completely different and I can't wait for Celestia!!!!!

Feb 13, 2009
I i agree with the many ways that the two worlds are different but here is a very good point that has not been mentioned. DragonSpyre is a fire world of Draconians and Dragons. Celestia is an underwater world of Crabs and Starfish.

Jul 09, 2010
Ok, a couple things to clear up. First, Celestia is way harder than Dragonspyre, FOR SURE. Second, they really aren't like each other. Dragonspyre is full with guys who have French accents, dragons and those types of things, while Celestia is full of crabs, sharks, and those wizard guys. If Celestia is like anything, it's like Grizzleheim because of the Floating Land. And last, @Sparky071101, You are lucky that there's even a new world, or else it would be super boring as it is now. One thing's better than nutin.
-Justin UnicornBane

Dec 08, 2009
colagada wrote:
I don't see how Celestia is like Dragonsypre. Also, Celestia is much harder.

I have to disagree with everyone who says this. Yes the enemies are harder but you can heal between every battle and if you bring a team of four grandmaster you should not even have to heal each time. I had no trouble with Celestia. However those pesky towers in DS made the way much harder! If you get help for towers, they just get harder. Not to mention that you get these about every half an hour if you only follow the main story quests. You can not heal between battles and you are faced with multiple fights of high difficulty for your level. I heard this was much easier with a death character but that's just for one school.