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Bug With Spiderkeepers Ice Hat

Feb 06, 2009
Hey I tryed and tryed to get this hat, I finally get it and it is hot pink. There are no graphics on it at all. Another one of my ice friends hat is this ay too. There are no details on it at all just a solid hot pink purplish color on my head. Can you please fix this.

Thank You
Terri Frost

Yeah, we've noticed that the hat is pink, lol.

We've got it on the list of things to fix in the next update, however since it is only cosmetic and does not actually impact your ability to play, it's not the top priority.

Hey you could look at it as extremely rare, since it will soon no longer look that way!

Jul 15, 2008
That's good to hear sir Gamma. Anyway, the trick to get some graphics on this hat is to get another type of dragon helm. Dye that to the color you want. Go to any shop and click the sell tab. Highlight the other dragon helm, then highlight the spiderkeeper's hat. When you see that it has graphics on it, close the transaction then leave the shop. Once you are outside, your spiderkeeper hat should have graphics on it now.

The downside though, is that you have to do this everytime you log in the game. Meaning you have to find a shop everytime to do this trick. Good thing we now have the mark location option. ;)