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Boss Farming for rare loot

Mar 27, 2017
hello! I was wondering if there were any bosses in marleybone that drop rare loot? I’ve been farming lord nightshade and the gobbler prince for a bit and wondering if there any like those in marleybone? Any suggestions are welcome thank you!

Mar 09, 2018
To answer your question, I'm unsure of any outside of Barkingham Palace.

Since this is in the Dragonspyre subforum, I can tell you that the best rewards are gained from the Loremaster in the Atheneum. She drops low-pip single target spells that can really help out if you don't have a single-hit 4-5 pip spell. On my Myth I am currently going for Keeper of the Flame, since it's 4 pips and puts down a trap.

[mods if this thread gets moved, you can delete everything I said about loremaster above since it'll be in MB subforum as opposed to DS subforum]

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
There are several bosses in Marleybone that drop unique items. Many of these are found at end of long dungeons or they are side bosses hidden within main questline dungeons.

Old Smokey (Ironworks)
Stoker (Kensington)
Smogger (Katzenstein's Lab)
Spike the Crusher & Meowiarty (Big Ben)
Billy the Cutter (Barkingham Palace - wooden skeleton key required)

You didn't ask, but in Krokotopia there are also several hidden or skeleton key bosses that drop great loot.

Ra & Sapoti are wooden skeleton key bosses hidden inside the library. Ra drops pets, crown gear, mounts & housing items.
Kembaalung is an optional dungeon are world you can access from Krokotopia at level 25. It has two dungeons that drop excellent gear. There is a hidden boss inside the Hollow Mountain dungeon who drops the kirin mount.

Alia Misthaven