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Boss drop and farming

Jan 11, 2009
I am a level 50 fire wizard and have fought Viktor snowcrusher almost 200 times and still not gotten the mantle of embers. I have gotten everything elts he drops multiple times. I was wondering if my chances of getting it ever go up. Thanks for any answers i could get.

Jun 19, 2008
I know this isn't really an answer to your question, but I truly think there is no rhyme or reason to the boss drops. I popped into the Village of Sorrow the other day to farm Oyotomi for a life blade. I ended up helping a guy who had already been there 8 hours with no luck. Within 30 minutes I had 3 life blades. I think when it comes to special items (be they clothes, weapons or pets) it's all about the luck of the draw.

and no, I didn't have the heart to tell him my luck was better than his that day.

May 10, 2009
I have farmed Viktor snowcrusher about twenty times now and the only really good stuff i got was an amulet that gives helephant and a hat of the unforgiving

Sep 03, 2008
where is voktor snowcrucher i cant find him on my map when i am in the drake hatchery. can some one tell me around what other boss where he is located