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book in Great Spyre

Aug 13, 2008
Can anyone help me find the history book in the Great Spyre? It's the last one I need. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :-)

Dec 19, 2008
it is along a wall (right hand side) on one of the bottom levels, I am searching for the Dragon's Roost rose (gave up last night as I was tired and needed to go to bed lol) when I go back to look for the rose, I will pay attention to exactly where it is and repost an answer for you. Do you have any idea where the Dragon's Roost rose is? It is my last quest :-(

Dec 15, 2008
Mar 14, 2009
I am also having a problem with reading the history of the Great Spyre in Dragonspyre. I have gone in the room over 7 times and defeated the 2 and I still can't get the book. The X near comes up for me. I have tried to leave the room and port back to friends and still nothing If anyone knows how to fix this PLMK.

Nov 20, 2008
Dec 31, 2008
Aug 02, 2009
May 30, 2009
1. The last book is in the Path of Scales. Go past the wraiths walking around and down the bridge, the book will be right in front of you where the birds are flying around.

2. This is where the last two stone roses are. The first one is before you enter the dungeon, there are columns on the left. Enter between the stone fences and go to the left. When you reach the wall look to your right. It will be between the wall and the column. The last one is in Malistair's lair. After defeating the four wraiths, go to your left where it looks like the wall has fallen down. Among the boulders is the rose. It blends really well with the color of the boulders so you have to look closely.

3. The Great Spyre can be accessed after you ride the dragon in Dragon Spyre Academy. When you complete the quest to ride the dragon, it will take you to the Spyre.

Hope this helps some of you out a bit!

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Angela Spiritwalker Grandmaster Conjurer