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Balance Wizards

Jan 19, 2010
I am a level 46 balance wizard and i can't earn anything for balance in Dragonspyre. Can anyone tell me where to get good balance stuff?

James Spell Level 46 Balance

May 31, 2009
your in that odd place where you culd buy ok stuff from the baazar or you could beat on oni until you get something but mooshu will only give level 35 sometimes 40 stuff and you will most likely not get it the first time. you should be about done with mooshu beat on jade oni a couple of times and see what type of things he drops.

I`m sorry but when you hit level 45 you are going to what better stuff than mooshu so get to the dragonspyre and focus on beating bosses several times to get what you want.

Feb 14, 2009
may i suggest that you check ironhawk's moo shu boss guide in wizard101 central. It tells you the best gear for a balance person your level.