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Art of war

Apr 15, 2010
Help! I cant get to the book. None of my friends will help and the tower is very hard for fire well if you can only get as far as I can.
Ill be on sunbird in the place of conqusts my wizards name is destiny strong

May 20, 2010
You need to set your deck for each level.

2) Fire enemies: put Fire Shields and Fire Prisms in your deck.

3) Death enemies: remove the Fire Shields and Prisms, as they are useless here. If you have shields against death, use them.

4) Fire enemies: put the Fire Shields and Fire Prisms back in.

5) Balance enemies: take the Fire Shields and Prisms out. If you have Tower Shields, use them.

6) Death enemies: If you have shields against Death, use them.

Jun 10, 2009
Either do that or you can just bring bunch of potions and use at right time because i used my myth wizard and he got through the first three lvls using his minotaur minion, so if you are myth, use the minions. Kill one at a time also, a single creature is VERY easy to kill. I mean with my myth, two of the three battles, i only started with 900 energy. Lolz.