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Almost There!

Apr 14, 2011
Hey, I'm a level 35 myth and I am about to come to DS but I have a feeling that I am too low for this world from stories told from my friends. If I am too low for this world (your opinon) could anyone suggest some ways I could level up and at what level would be apropriate for DS,Thanks :D

Jul 03, 2010
Personally I do like to be a higher level to enter DragonSpry so I take all the side quests and side worlds available to me along the way. Crab Alley, Wyesteria, and I try to work in Grizzlehiem because there is no experience for that world, here and there by areas up to level 40 so I am ready for the Jotun quest to be given me - even if I don't get back there until I am level 50.

I then also take all the side and main quests in DragonSprye so my level is better to deal with the end parts of Grizzlehiem then into Wintertusk and Celestial. Once in Celestia I take only main story line and the same with Wintertusk. You can always back track for them if needed or you want to.

Apr 14, 2011