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Allow To Sell Grandmaster Level 50 gear

Jun 02, 2010
Dear Kings-isle, it has been one dream for possibly all the wizards that play wizard101. That dream is to let wizards sell Grandmaster Level 50 Gear. For Example: Balance hat; 240 health max, 6% power pip, 10% damage, and 13% resist. Same thing for All Hats, Robes, Boots, Anthems, and Daggers for all magic schools. But since most wizards take about 15-30+ days to get them, it seems like so much, for so less. I hope you do make these changes, as well as other wizards have suggested also. :-D But Its a real "Bummer" for ALLOT of wizards (including me :x ) Unable to get the correct, Best Gear for a Grandmaster. Thank You for listening to my Post Kings-isle! ;)

Mar 04, 2009
You can sell your grandmaster gear. However, it can not be bought or sold at the bazaar. The entire grandmaster set is, arguably, the best gear in the game. The only set that is slightly better is the level 58 gear. However, this set does not include resistance to your school, and it does not come with an athame, ring, and wand.

May 20, 2010