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A solution for when fighting The Master of Traps,

May 02, 2009
I guess this could go in either forum(this or the DS forum), but since this is the place for solutions, I'll post it here, and an Admin can move in to DS if necisarry.

Okay, Mavra is Storm, and her 2 Protection Pox are Balance, Rank 6 or 7, I forget.

The main plan at the start is, GO AFTER THE PROTECTION POX! All they do is cast shields not only on themselves, but also Mavra. Without the Pox, She's pretty easy to beat.

Now to the Trap Master.

I forget his name, but He's Ice, and has 2 Damage Pox, Same rank, health, and class as balance, but the Pox just cast Balance and Ice blades, and as their defense brethren, they don't attack either.

For this battle, Take out the Boss first, since he's the only one who attacks, he's the biggest threat.

Once he's gone, then you can relax and do what you want to take out the Pox, since they will not attack, but just put Ice and Balance blades on each other.

You may have different Strategies on defeating them, but in my opinion, this is the most effective, as I have fought them before I got the quest to defeat them.

Keep in mind that I solo'ed Both of them.

Also, I just Remembered that the Pox have around 1,150 health.

I will post my stats below.

Seth ShadowCloud
Master PyroViner
LV.48 (NOTE: I defeated Mavra while I had the fire dragon quest, and the ice boss after I got the spell.)
Hood of the Homonculus
Jade Oni's Garments
Smogger's Infected Boots
Pets: Mavra, Jade Oni. Ice boss, Helephant.
Wand: Jade Oni's Amethyst Blade
I earned all of these items, minus the Jade Oni pet, which I bought with gold when Crowns items were still in shops.

P.S. If you know the name of the Ice boss, please post his name.

Good Night, and Good Luck.

May 02, 2009
The name of the Ice boss is Sandor SpearCaller, I remembered it today.

Also. if you have comments about my solution for fighting the Masters of Traps and Defence, then please post, I'd love to hear them.

Jun 06, 2009
I am going to add a couple tips that may seem obvious to some, but if you are not a "super solo" player you might think differently.

For the defense pox:
1. do not use AOE attacks, you will waste pips
2. do not use sword charms
3. do use a wand of the same school as your attacks (one with a bunch of wand spells)
4. do have as much heal spells as possible available
5. if you are myth you are an exception. Fill your pips up and double or triple up on swords, bubble up, then quake, frog, (and maybe one more frog).
6. other wise you can beat away shields with your wand spells and then shoot an attack spell of your choice in before they shield up again.

Jun 22, 2009
i tried marva last night with her protection pox. killed her, but when i started on the protection pox, game shut down. so now i know what i did wrong.

Dec 12, 2008
Their both fairly easy if your a myth mage and I'll give a few tips to myth users for these. This is not a Combat walk-thru just info to help you prepare for the fight, once your in battle its up to you. For Both boss's group's do not use your minotaur, the only one attacking will be the boss and your cyclops will do just fine. For Mavra, while you do want to boost your attacks you want to do that when they'll actually make a difference ( if your gonna use earthquaketo clean up the field you'll be wasting a blade due to their shields). Your gonna want a wand/sword not of your class unless you feel like wasting your blades/traps for this since those balance shield cards and weaken can be quite annoying. And be sure to pack a few earthquake, humongofrog, and minotaur attack spells.

You'll want to summon your cyclops and cast time of legend as soon as possible, since he'll cover some of the damage you'll want to dish out. After that its just a matter of keeping yourself healed, using earthquake to keep the field clean and minotaur for the times when mavra is fairly open for attack with little or no shields. If your first to attack the battle should be quite easy with this set up. Just be careful how many pips you use and when because if you sacrifice your cyclops for pips it can offset the rest of the battle and make things difficult, you'll end up spending most of your time just trying to stay alive instead of attacking ( and this also goes for the trap master). The only real difference between the two is one's hard to damage and the other will darken the sky with a blanket of traps. So in a sense you could tweak this a bit and it'd work for the trap master.

Do not I repeat, DO NOT let the trap master build up blades as the name implies he's meant to hurt things. And that's just what he'll do if you let him.

If anything though, if you manage beat mavra, the trap master should be a walk in the park by comparison.

On a side note,there's happens to be a pendant in the bazaar that gives you a Time of legend with 35% its very useful if you want to up your damage potential.

Jun 04, 2009
The way I managed to defeat them is:

1. Load up all my shields and minion. I ended up outlasting them using every shield I had.

2. attack the energy thingies first before they load their shields. Once they load up shields go to protection mode and let your minion do the attacking.

Jul 21, 2009
If you're a pyromancer facing the master of defense is easy! The key is to simply use "Scald". It does fire damage to all 3 enemies, for 3 rounds each. This easily wipes out all fire shields and tower shields. While the pox are scalding, hit em each with a fire blade/fire trap powered Helephant and that's that...

aka Aedan Wintermender