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A (myth) tip guide to Dragonspyre!

Aug 07, 2018
Having recently finished Dragonspyre on my Myth Wizard, there's a few tips, tricks, and knowledge that doesn't need to be stored in a crystal I'd like to share.

- First, this is hotly debated, but level. I try to do a lot of sidequests, but I do not do all of them, as some are tedious. I made it to Dragonspyre around level 41-43, and I did pretty well. I'm not discouraging you to do as many as you can in previous worlds - I've heard it gives pretty interesting outcomes - but, don't feel pressured to do all of them.

- Armor. This is simple, go to Mount Olympus, grind for Senator or Zeus' armor. Personally, I'd go for Senator as (last time I checked) it gives more stat buffs but less health, and is more common. This armor is AMAZING, and it's such a relief to not have to worry about gear for the entire world!

- Do all the sidequests in Dragonspyre. For some odd reason, they're the least tedious. All of them give around 2000 exp, and some are essential for getting the History of Dragonspyre. You also get awarded a neat badge for doing all the sidequests. If you're planning on making it to Level 50 at the end of Dragonspyre coming in at 41-43, you should do this.

- In Dragonspyre, we're all so used to the good ol' spend-five-turns-putting-blades-and-traps-and-then-attack-to-do-a-butt-load-of-damage strategy, but most of the time in this world that won't work, and you'll die first. Big pain for me, too. For minions, I typically use 2 single-bladed Humongofrogs, and that was it. Minion difficulty generally won't change.

- This was my biggest disappointment. Myth and Life do not get AoE damage spells for level 48. I know a person who has quit because of this, and let me tell you this; it does not matter. Battles may take a tad bit longer, but I did Dragonspyre just fine. And, if it's any consolation, not too may enemies in Dragonspyre are Myth. Rest in peace Fire and their prisms.

-...Which leads to the next topic, TREASURE CARDS. I cannot stress this enough. For practically every boss, I used "Otomo Fury," which does a solid 800 damage for 6 pips (which is more powerful then your level 48 spell, by the way). I also used Prism treasure cards so I can get them on-demand. Since at this point you'll always have 20k and these treasure cards are fairly cheap, that's a definite "GO!". If you're struggling to afford, just get some Ninja Pigs. For the sake of irony, if you're doing Malistaire with 2-3 people, use a Meowiarty minion. Seriously, starts with 6 pips and cyclops/trolls almost every round. That adds up, and he also has 11 hundred health. Also heavily ironic. Did I say ironic?

- Don't forget to use your minions, they're very helpful for this school! Not worth it during minion fights, but for bosses, definitely.

Running out of characters, so this is where I go off. Add anything that relates to this thread, thank you!


Jan 05, 2010
Sep 25, 2010
Thanks for this, I am currently a myth going through Dragonspyre and really needed some tips.