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a death wizard in destress

Sep 12, 2009
my name is nathan deathhunter, i'm lvl 45 and need help in the secure house, if you see me plz help

May 02, 2009
I remember the secure house. Boy did I have a tough time soloing it,

right of the bat if memory serves you fight a fire spider enemy (note: the majority of enemies in ther are fire), then you fight 2, then a couple floors down, 3 enemies (2 fire, one ice).

It's a very annoying instance, but you do get to see a new kind of floor layout on the final floor of the gauntlet (really the only time you get to see it from what I know)

What I reccomend is try to focus on one enemy at a time, then when your down to one enemy, try to take your time and heal as much as you need. At least, this was my strategy.

I hope I helped some.

p.s. summoning minions/henchmen wouldn't be such a bad idea, although I think I only summoned 1 henchman and that was on the final floor.

Good luck.

Seth ShadowCloud
Grand fire/storm
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Seth EmeraldFlame
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