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A complain for Wizard101

Sep 25, 2010
Wizard101 my friend, Diana Star Walker is having problems. She started doing Dragonspyre and she has always wanted to be level 50 to start critical, but she can not get to level 50 because she has no quests. She looked all over the Authem and can't even get into the Necropolis or Drangonspyre Academy for quests. Please help Diana Star Walker.

May 20, 2010
If everything is finished in the Atheneum (Tower Archives, Hall of Conquests, Grand Chasm), you should have a quest "Portal Decay" from Lazlo Starblade to explore the Necropolis. However, you can't get there through the portal in the Basilica yet. You need to go back into the Atheneum and all the way through the Plaza of Conquests to get to the Necropolis. After that the Basilica portal will work.