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a bug HELP

Dec 18, 2008
i only have one quest open (besides finding the stone roses and the books and i have all of those except for the ones with malistaire): to get a drake egg from the drake hatchery in necropolis. i did the quest already (it's a tower) and when i got to where the boss was supposed to be there was only an undead spirit, rank one. and i tried to go back but it just took me outside of the tower.

and when i look at my map it has a question mark there. i cant move on to the forum without this quest so i'm stuck and have been for a couple of days.

i'm just wondering if this is a known problem and if it's getting fixed because i like this game and i want to play it but i cant if i have nothing productive to do.

any info would be helpful, thanks

Jan 10, 2009
I had the same problem earlier today. Got to the end and only a rank 1 Ghost to fight. No egg. Hope this bug can be fixed

Dec 18, 2008
actually it turns out that once you defeat the rank one and go through the door past him there's i think two more levels and then the boss. (dont quote me on that though) i found that out when my friend showed me to go through that. needless to say, i felt kind of stupid.

but the rank one was weird and there WAS a question mark on my map.

Dec 17, 2008
That is true, but luckely me and my friend found more enemies ahead like he said they're was about too more then that big boss. Did you say that you need the rose near malistair ? The rose is right next to the minions that you have to kill first so you can summon malistair and fight him. What i did was i sneaked through those few death minions and i went all the way down to the end were there s a dead end near malistair. When you just kill those death minons turn left and run all the way down were the dead end is, and you will run into it 8) :) :-) :D :P GOOD LUCK

Feb 05, 2009
yes there is two more levels past the lost soul. Think it funny he is in there guarding the tower though.