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3 Labyrinth questions

May 02, 2009
Hello everyone, I'm Seth ShadowCloud aka flash33, and I have a few questions about the Labyrinth.

Now I'm a grand fire/storm who has completed all the storyline quests in the game and the warehouse in mb, and whenever I go to the labyrinth, I always wonder these 3 things.

1. If you look to the left of the center bridge pedistal (or go around to that side) you'll notice another bridge pedistal and another bridge under the lava. Now you would think that it would make getting to the detention center and the dean and dimitri much easier right, problem is, we cant use it. So my question is, if we can't use it, then why not just take it out of there, or better yet, why not make it usable, since imo, it would make getting to and from the detention center/the deans cell much easier and quicker.

2. When you go to fight the gallium paladin, theres not one, but two of them, one with a horned barbarian minion, and one with a greyback trollkin minion. Why is there 2 of them? is there 2 to give player a second chance at getting his items or something like that (like letting players have a competition to see who can beat which paladin faster)?

3. If you go to the house near the 2nd gallium paladin (the one with the troll minions), you'll notice an enemy named Scarrik GallowGaunt, a rank 8 elite life enemy. Now idk about the rest of you, but I think he's pretty unique, and that he could have more possibilities in the future. But until then, I would like to know what he's doing in the labyrinth anyway? Could he be a extra/mini boss fight or something like that (even though he only has 1,115 health)?

Thank you for your time.

Seth ShadowCloud-Grand Fire/Storm (former pvp adept veteran)
Seth EmeraldFlame-Initiate(lv.14) Myth (former pvp knight)
Seth GhostHaven-Initiate(lv.13) Death
Terri GhostStone-Initiate(lv.13) Life
Logan StarBloom-Initiate(lv.13) Storm
A good friend

May 20, 2010
A lot of roads, buildings, etc., are broken in Dragonsypre; it's part of the theme of that world.

Mr. GallowGaunt is part of the Life Wizard quest series to get the Rebirth Spell at level 48.

May 24, 2009
Well I know I can answer your question about the life minion guy. He is for the Life Level 48 quest to get Rebirth. (What a pain that was lol. Not as bad as some of the other Level 48 quest.)

As for the second Gallium Paladin, idk about that. Its kinda funny to see two of them, but it is good for a life that is trying to get the deck from him or any other person farming him.

I don't understand the first question, but if your talking about the pedistal. You won't be able to use it until you get some sort of key to turn it on. Of course, that is after you defeat the first life boss and the three street bosses.

Man do i hate the Labyrinth.

Also sorry I didn't put them in order. I was only going to answer the third question, but decided to do them all after I finished my reply.

Jul 08, 2009
I've been wondering the same thing about that pedestal, why is it even there anyways?