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zafaria house items

Dec 24, 2010
any idea KI when we will be able to craft zf items or win them? there are some mighty fine looking masks and shields hanging on the hut walls and the cantania has some some cool items in Stone Town

i have bought all the recipes in other worlds that i wanted (not many really, dont care for many), i craft portals too, but i really want some house stuff

the crown shop has mostly krok statues - heck i sold the ones i won in many cases, why only offer them and other similar stuff?
i have tried when i have tile to see what bazaar has- well i finally managed some bird cages and a chicken coop on 2 accounts, but only one bird fountain

i want to play the game not spend hours in bazaar hoping to find something

my legends playiing in zf now hatch alot to use money up- i really dont care wha tpet is i let it loose at house, i have the houses i want, i have too many mounts , lol
i want more house stuff- we use to win it back in beginning before you started crafting, so now we are more restricted

lest have NEW recipes and please THINK about what a house needs !
keira of many legends and the kestrel mercenaries