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Zafaria Crafting

May 16, 2009
So after a day of camping out the bazaar to get reagents for the spirit caller drums, i finally got all my reagents (except for the conga drums). I started with max gold (350,000) and now only have 150,000 gold! Not to mention i still need 48 fossils and 16 more aether...

Do you know any good plants that drop aether? Which bosses do they come from?
Also, for the avalon crafting quest, to get a head start, which plants will be useful for me?


-- Blaze Icecloud, Level 81 Thaumaturge --

Jan 21, 2010
I got fossils by a transmute recipe, ( which requires 15 stone blocks for one fossils) the vendor for the transmute recipe is Avery Templeton at Celestia Base Camp. i bought some of the stone block but i got most of them from harvesting them from stone town.
hope that helps