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Willing to trade for Pigsie TC

Aug 06, 2009

I am a balance wizard that is interested in crafting pigsie for my balance wizard since Loremaster has been less than generous dropping the spell for me. Currently I have 7 pigsie cards and have all the reagents I need in order to craft it as well as reached the required crafting level. I just have 3 left to go.

I am willing to make a fair trade for someone that can help me with the last ones I need. I have 10 Ninja Piglets (one I think may be enchanted) or 10 Deer Knights or 3 Athena Battlesight TCs I am willing to trade for pigsie. I also farm couch potatoes and can probably throw in some empowers also. If anyone can help me, that would be great! Just name a place where we could meet up.


Destiny Lotusblossum