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Why is sunstone so hard to get?

Jun 13, 2009
I cannot find any anywhere. Why is this particular reagent so rare?

Jun 19, 2010
So you want Sunstone, eh...

Sunstone can be obtained through clicking on or transmuting sandstone. 15 sandstones equal one Sunstone.

But I want Sunstones now; not sandstones.

Hey, I feel you're pain; and it took a long time to collect the ones I used to craft loremaster spells and other items.

The easiest and fastest way I've found to farm for sunstones is to buy them when they're available at the bazaar, and also search for them in the Floating Mountains.

But I can't get to the Floating Mountains.

Ok, then you continue to buy and transmute sandstones, and buy as many sand and sunstones from the bazaar when they're available.

For everyone able to access the Floating Mountains...

...you'll find lots of sandstones from the left of the teleporter, and all the way to the last floating island.

What I do when I'm looking for sunstones is teleport to the floating mountains, and click on every sandstone as I travel left, until I can go no further. Then I switch realms and head back to the teleporter.

Because 15 sandstones are needed to transmute them into one sunstone, this is the number I attempt to collect each time I'm there. Sometimes when I click on a sandstone, I also receive a sunstone too. And after every 15 sandstones I obtain, I decide if I want to continue searching or move on to doing something else.

On average, I will collect 5 sandstones on one trip traveling left from the Floating Mountains teleporter. Sometimes I'll collect more or less than 5; but 5 is the average number I usually end up with.

Sure, it would be great to collect sunstones faster than it takes search for them, transmute them; or buy them at the bazaar. So if you have a faster way to collect, thank you for sharing your method.

And I hope this helps those wizards, who didn't know about finding sandstones/sunstones to the left of the teleporter, buying them at the bazaar, or transmuting them from sandstones.

Happy Collecting!

Feb 13, 2010
really not that rare you can harvest sandstone that drop sunstone and you can transmute sandstone to sunstone Haley's Observatory and stone town have the most common harvesting spots you can also get stone block from stone town and the athream in ds stone block = sandstone=sunstone :D thats what i am doing it cause i need 250 sunstone for crafting eeglis and ulwark in cl also drop it there are also a lot of other bosses you can farm for it just go to wizard101central.com wiki and search sunstone they have a whole list if you need help with farming or if you want me to show you we can meet up and i will show you

Sincerely Cody Seastone lvl 100

Feb 10, 2014
well you can get them in shadow palace or all over khrysalis. i love this one place where they have many daily respawns of them and you can realm hop.
it is next to a stone mouse and a tree good luck on sun stones you can transmute the comet tails i sold allot of comet tails on there in bazaar recently. :D

Jan 23, 2014
DarkWIZard98x on Jan 10, 2015 wrote:
I cannot find any anywhere. Why is this particular reagent so rare?
This lists all the ways you can get Sandstone, good luck!


Jun 27, 2013
I have over 400 sunstone, simply from harvesting emp's...

Apr 09, 2011
Oh, Sunstone. My boyfriend and I have been playing W101 forever and each have six Wizards who quest together, three sets of which are Lv 60+ so I totally and completely understand your plight.

How did we do it? Well, it wasn't easy, that's for sure. We literally sat in the Bazaar for probably what ended up being hours refreshing the lists and trying to be quick in snatching up mostly Stone Blocks and Sandstones (and of course Sunstones itself on the very rare occasion it would show up -- usually accompanied by squeals of mission accomplished!!!) and then transmuting them. It takes a LOT of stone block to make into Sunstones, so Sandstones are always a better find (and that also goes for Fossils -- side note, good gravy, I hated the Zafaria crafting quest) but I thought it was worth the time put into it rather than trying to collect them all and/or farm enough.

My boyfriend is a huge believer in farming to get reagents, but he totally gave up with Sunstone after he'd fought what felt like hundreds of battles with a very very measly amount. It sounds like a pain in the caboose but I think it's a surefire way to get them if you don't mind putting in the time.

Luck to you.

May 14, 2011
Sunstone isn't that hard to get if you garden EMP's. They drop quite a few with every harvest I do. Good luck!

May 18, 2010
I'm having trouble finding a potent trap treasure card for crafting. I was told to go to the pyramid of the storm eye but I didn't have any luck there. If anyone has any advice for me that would be helpful.

Dec 26, 2013
I've gotten a lot Sunstone from feeding unwanted items to my pets. You can get a surprising variety of rare reagents that way especially if you feed crown seeds and higher level no auction items.