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why does crafting have to take so many items?

Jun 24, 2011
I don't get why there has to be so many items. I am trying to get Catalan spell and it takes 200 of items that are really rare?! And you have to keep going back to the bazaar cause they keep running out. why can't the crafting items be cheaper and why can't there be a lot more? level 84

Jul 18, 2010
I know I know I know ..... There is this beautiful stone bridge I would like to craft from the Mooshu crafter ( I know not quite the same) but it requires so many reagents for me to handle .... It's a lot of money and time for a furniture piece. I understand your point but that's how crafting is. I too wish it was a tad easier .... Some of those reagents are near impossible! I suppose we will have to deal with it thou. We will have to consider camping at the bazaar and going crazy but that's the joy of crafting I think. Hard work .... Grueling challenges... .then a reward that you can treasure forever ..... Or sell lol