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Who drops King Parsley seeds?

Mar 13, 2014
I am trying to acquire one or more King Parsley seeds without spending crowns. The wiki says Currupted Weavers drop them, but after defeating a couple of dozen I found I had gathered a bunch of Maelstrom Snap Dragon seeds but no King Parsley. The wiki doesn't even list MSD's as a possible drop, it seems this creature's drop table has been changed since the wiki entry was made, which makes me wonder if King Parsley is still a possible drop. I can live with having to defeat a hundred or so to get a rare seed to drop but I hate to waste my time if the drop is no longer possible.

Can anyone verify if they have seen a King Parsley seed drop from a corrupted weaver recently? Or does anyone know of a different mob they can verify drops KP? I am only up to Wintertusk and Celestia at the moment, so a source from a higher level world is not a great help to me.