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Where to get steel?

Nov 22, 2009
im trying to get a storm giver jewel for my pet. I tried farming shadow web mercenaries in Celestia and did so for 2 hours with no luck, from looking at the wiki they didn’t drop much so I thought I would get it eventually but nope and so I opted for crafting but I need steel, I tried getting this from musuth berserkers and longdreamer shamans in zafaria but again with no luck. Never finding steel in the bazaar either, does anyone have any alternate options? I’m currently in Avalon btw.

Mar 16, 2009
Steel drops from such a wide variety of enemies that there isn't really a hot spot for getting it. Though, I have had some pretty good luck getting Steel (and Titanium) by feeding items to my pet. The level of the item doesn't seem to affect the drop rate, so you could just buy up a bunch of Wizard City gear from the Bazaar and have your pet devour them all.