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where is the Brimstone Revenant love?

Jul 08, 2012
So i beat plague oni and i noticed the recipe vendor foo can kook or w/e his name is
so i decided to research this card Brimstone revenant to see if it is worth using. I saw tons
of people saying it is garbage and only really good for bragging rights to say you got it and
that deer knight is better. I did see one comment promoting its use out of hundreds of peope
putting it down. could it replace Immolate? Lets look at the stats and math.

Brimstone revenant
deals 440 damage for 4 pips.

deals 600 damage for 4 pips but at the cost of taking 250 damage.

now lets buff these with a fireblade.
(not many people realize that fireblades increase is divided with Immolate.)

Brimstone revenant
440 + 35% = 594 damage

600 + 17.5 = 705 to target
250 + 17.5 = 293.75 to your self

now ask your self is doing 100 extra damage really worth taking nearly 300 damage?

A lot of fire users also roll life or ice or death to get spells to heal or nerf the damage taken
or spend a training point to get flame sheild from the fair grounds girl. A waste of valuable
training points imo unless you dont care about either spell and use other strategies.

In my humble opinion Brimstone revenant > Immolate.

thanks for reading.

Jan 24, 2010
Brimstone Revenant is a classy spell :D I love mine, on my pyromancress Scarlet Ravensong. At promethean power (80% damage boost, colossal, sharpen, inferno), my Ruby does an easy 4000-5000.

It was a little difficult to get the tc of Brimstone Revenant for the recipe. But that's the only small problem I have with this fabulous, elegant, unique crafted spell

Cann B Moone

Feb 24, 2009
I love it. It's stronger than meteor; but it doesn't go overkill, I want it so bad once Loremaster comes out. (Saved me my amber... Phew)

Jul 08, 2012
I planned on both working in game to getting what i need to craft the spell
as well as opening keepers lore packs with my allowance in hopes of getting
the real spell or materials since the pack also drops everything needed to craft

I have been working on my crafting spells and i am now in mooshu waiting for
my crafting slot to come off of cool down. I have also been gardening for amber.

I have a few of the treasure cards for it but if i do not have enough for it by the time
i purchase the recipe i will most likely post on here to seek treasure card trades for
what i need.

If i do get the real spell as a drop then collecting the materials was not a waste as
i will just use them to craft another spell. Deer knight and luminous weaver are both
on my list of actual useful craftable spells. I may even try to get them all just to say i
have them.

I did get the permanent version of keeper of the flame, which is a myth spell that i
do not plan on using but i have it lol.