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Where do you get transmute recipes?

Feb 11, 2009
A+ Student
Feb 25, 2009
kitzel wrote:
I need a recipe to finish a quest....

There is a vendor for transmutes in the Celestia Base camp. He is near the entrance to the Survey Camp.

Apr 11, 2010
Anyone know why that dude in the base camp no longer sells the Kelp transmute to Aether recipe anymore? Where can I find that one? I've been to two vendors that sell transmute but it says Spider silk.

And yeah some vendors in Marleybone, etc where you can get craft quests/items, sell transmute craft cards. Be sure to have the right table for the craft too. Buy one of each table, a housing one, an equipment one.

And note that some things can only be crafted at special locations in certain parts of the spiral. There is one in the back of Nordguard in Grizzleheim, and there is one in Dragonspyre.