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where do i get blood mass?

Jan 24, 2009
does anyone know where to get the crafting item blood mass (or called blood moss, cant tell). what creatures do i have to kill for it, and where can i buy it?

Feb 02, 2010
You get it from gathering Red Mandrake. It's rare, so you might get one Blood Moss out of every 10 (estimation) Red Mandrake.

May 27, 2009
More like one from about 30 Red Mandrake, in my experience. Also, you can buy the Transmute recipe from Eudora in Olde Town and craft Blood Moss from 15 Red Mandrakes on your Card Crafting Station.

Jul 29, 2008
A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
If no one else is farming, nightside has three spawn sites, and one usually seems to have red mandrake. There are several other places in WC, usually at the ends of the three streets, that also spawn. My best suggestion is to buy them. Even with the 'games' people are currently playing (selling to max out coins) in the peak period they are usually available...and if you are doing DS quests, what else are you going to use your money on?

Oct 10, 2008
If yo are looking for blood moss i can GUARANTEE you that you won't find it in the bazarr. I've only see it there once and it was gone in less than 5 seconds. As someone else said, it comes from red mandrake. you can find a lot in the haunted cave.

Thomas IceShield level 50 Grandmaster

Nov 03, 2009
I just gathered (farmed a bunch of blood moss in collosses blvd and fire cat alley as well as Cyclops ave :-P took forever but I got like 80 of them

Community Leader
Blood moss is harvested from red mandrake in fire cat alley, cyclopes lane , night shade and sunken city.

Now you can also by the transmute recipe for 400 in olde town from Endora Tangletree you will need 15 red mandrake for 1 blood moss . use a card crafting table to make the blood moss

Hope this helps

Feb 15, 2010
mirb1 wrote:
If yo are looking for blood moss i can GUARANTEE you that you won't find it in the bazarr. I've only see it there once and it was gone in less than 5 seconds. As someone else said, it comes from red mandrake. you can find a lot in the haunted cave.

Thomas IceShield level 50 Grandmaster

I found one piece o'Moss in Firecat before i started crafting, and sold it at Bazaar because the price was soooo good. Have had luck in corners outside of and especially behind gobbler boss castles with mandrake, which by now you know is where blood moss will spawn. Sold them few bad boy mosses at bazaar too to buy scrap iron, but yeah iron, lotus and especially springs, black pearl and blood moss go fast, fast, fast, even in the wee hours, at the Bazaar. Suggest you go in with money and click straight to reagents ASAP. If you spot any of the six "Mega-rare" (scrap, spring, moss, grendel weed, lotus, and pearl) for sale, and then try to liquidate something to afford to buy them, odds are they'll be snapped up before you can get back on reagent page to buy them. Remember, one Bazaar serves all 28 or 29 realms (as far as I know) so just 'cause your Bazaar is empty doesn't mean they all are- others might be busy hives of activity.

Also, reagent list kind of freezes at what it was at when you first "x" to talk to Elik (in terms of the posted price and number of item) until you buy an item, then that item updates. This is why the price he posts changes sometimes when you select "buy". So... if you are selling drops to get money, roll through to reagents as soon as you sell loot to see what MIGHT be there, BUT is is wise to (click over to equipment and cycle back to reagents or "X" out of trading with Elif altogether then "X" to talk to him again so you can...) then check back in a bit as you do have to catch the rare stuff when it is hot--it will sell quickly. I have four Blood Moss now that I DID buy from bazaar, but timing is key. And be prepared to drop some gold- it usually sells for about 400 or 450. The more he has in stock, the more the price goes down, and price usually changes at 100 (best possible price), again at75, 50, 25, maybesometimes10notsureaboutthis, and that last piece is most most expensive.

Red mandrake is also expensive, but fifteen will transmute to one Blood Moss with the transmute spell (shows and functions as a treasure card spell) on a card crafting table. I hate to pay more than 55 for mandrake myself, and buy all I can afford when I see it at bazaar in anticipation of later Spyre quests (like Crimson Bookshelf I bet).

Oh FYI a piece of good news, I've never seen a transmute spell with a cool down of more than one second, which on my system means maybe three to five seconds tops before you can actually craft the next piece. So Transmute is a viable option and a downright blessing if you are one or two pieces shy of what you need, and feeling impatiant to get that item crafted NOW.

Another :P good omen :P for those of you young wizards tenacious enough to have delved this deep into my woefully windy albeit hopefully helpful Espistle on Rarities, I see lots of posts bemoaning scarcity of scrap and paucity of pearls, but not much moanings on moss, so it must be available in adequate amounts somehow.

Wordy and hopefully wisely yours,
Angus Ironpants (just leveled at)45th Pyro 8) and LOVIN it!

craft on, McDuff, craft on. :D

Jun 29, 2009
There are 7 mandrake spawns in Cyclops Lane:
  • Between the 2nd and 3rd large trees on your left when entering festival park.
  • Right behind Rand Taymore (seems rare, even by mandrake standards, probably due to high visibility and traffic).
  • Back right corner behind Maximus' house.
  • Directly behind Maximus' house, center.
  • Grass island in middle of street in front of Maximus' house (near side).
  • On the patch of grass to the left of Romulus.
  • On the patch of grass to the right of Romulus.

Running through all the servers during off-peak hours usually netted me 30+ mandrakes and 2 blood moss, and took about 35-40 minutes (with a mount, although if you ignore the mistwood, cattail, and deep mushroom spawns, that might speed up the process). I did this once a day for about a week and got all the blood moss/red mandrake I needed for the bookshelf crafting quest.

May 19, 2009