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Where Can I Find ALL The MYTH crafting Vendors?!?

Jun 06, 2009
Where are all the school of Myth recipe vendors? I search EVERYWHERE but I always find Fire, Ice, Balance, Storm, Death, Life, and NO MYTH. Can someone please help me before my head explodes. :-(

Jun 17, 2009
Honestly, I haven't really seen any Myth vendors either. I seem to be having the same problem with Death vendors. I'll keep my eyes open for you though.

Apr 29, 2009
I found most of the vendors in the most difficult area. But I'm still having trouble finding myth in Krokotopia.

Krokotopia =
Death - Karanahn Barracks
Life - Royal Hall
Balance - Chamber of Fire in Excavation Site
Myth - ?
Fire - Altar of Kings
Storm - Well of Spirits
Frost - Entrance Hall

Marlybone =
Death - Scotland Yard Roof
Life - Chelsea Court
Balance - Digmoore Station
Myth - 1st Floor of Big Ben (Instance)
Fire - Hyde Park
Storm - Knight's Court
Frost - Newgate Prison

Mooshu =
Death - Ancient Burial Ground
Life - Kishibe Village
Balance - Shoshun Village
Myth - Village of Sorrow
Fire - Hametsu Village
Storm - Cave of Solitude
Frost - Yoshihito Temple

Dragonspyre =
Death - The Necropolis
Life - The Forum
Balance - Tower of Archives
Myth - Dragonspyre Academy
Fire - The Drake Hatchery
Frost - The Crystal Grove

Jun 17, 2009
I just found the Myth crafting vendor in Krokatopia. He's located in the krokosphinx next to General Khaba. Well, not next to, but in the same room.

Jun 06, 2009
Jun 23, 2009
Wow! Me too! Thanks! Myth is awesome but very hard to win stuff that is Myth or find the vendors! Excellent post! Thanks!

Saffron Dragon Tamer Myth Master