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When Should I Start Going for Crafted Gear?

Nov 19, 2010
On my second account, I am starting Krokotopia. I am curious to know when it is actually useful to start crafting some gear pieces instead of just buying stuff from the Baazar (obviously I will farm for Olympus gear at 30).

Taylor Daisyflame-Level 93 on Azteca: Floating Mountains
Taylor Moonflame-Level 17 on Krokotopia: Royal Hall

Jan 18, 2010
Well, an excellent area to start is in Wintertusk!

Specifically, Sudrilund in Wintertusk.

Carax Strongthread has excellent level 56+ gear you should consider crafting as soon or even before hitting that level.

Also, on your way to Sudrilund, speak with Ingulf the Grower for a couple ring and athame recipes.

Good Luck.

Jul 27, 2010
Everything from Wizard City to Dragonspyre, you can ignore in terms of crafting, the pieces aren't very good. From Celestia/Wintertusk and above, more decent crafting options become available. Like Star Edward said, Wintertusk is a very good place to start in terms of crafting gear. It's very similar to Waterworks gear, just having slightly less resist. It also gives a few cards, with the hat giving a blade, the robe giving a trap, and the boots giving a bubble (Wyldfire, Doom and Gloom, etc.). If I were to go for one piece, I'd go for the hat. The rings and athames are also quite good, though Tower of the Helephant drops a ring and athame that I personally consider to be slightly better.

When you eventually reach Avalon, you get to craft the excellent critical block boots that are obtainable. I highly recommend crafting these if you can, they come in very useful. And, if you reach Azteca, you can craft a slightly better pair. There are also more minor ones obtainable in Celestia and Zafaria, though they can be mostly ignored, as you can get through the game just fine even without them at that point.

You are also able to craft robes and hats in Avalon, with the hats giving big boosts in critical, health, accuracy, traps, and even school specific resist, though universal resist, power pip chance, incoming healing, and a little damage output are swapped out in return, which can be really detrimental. The robes do about the same thing, while keeping resist and adding school specific critical block. I wouldn't go for the hat, though I would get the robes. Again, an upgrade is offered in Azteca.

Khrysalis gear, I'm not too sure how I feel about it. It swaps out a lot of defense for minor boosts in health and accuracy and damage. I think just the boots are worth it in the end for the damage output. After that, just farm for Darkmoor gear and you'll be set. Best of luck!

Apr 09, 2011
pretty much anything before Winter tusk is worthless. as either dropped or crowns gear is better. once you get there you can craft it. then it's on to water works /atlanta gear. once you get to Zafaria for some classes the boots are better like for storm wizards. once in Avalon everything but the WW hats are outdated. although some hats might come in handy against certain PvE scenarios . once you get to level 100 the crafted gear is again outdated for the darkmoor gear with the exceptions of rings. with polaris- Empyrea the dropped boots are the only things somewhat better than DM gear with some Rat gear for healing life wizards