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What is then quest of crafting after DragonS?

Apr 24, 2010
I crafted and completed a dragonspyer crafting level did two quests and now i am stuck plz help me out. :( what is next quest when you for crafting after him?

Feb 24, 2009
Pierce Stanson (I believe that is how you spell his name?) In the floating land gives you the next crafting quest, "That Seven Seas Show" for crafting the item "Seal of the Seven Seas". You will automatically be given the recipe after you accept the quest. After you finish and recieve your "Grandmaster Artisan" quest, you will go on to Koyate Ghostmane (I think that is his name also? :P) in Baobob Market, who will give you the quest for Legendary Artisan. To achieve this quest, "Drum a little Drum" you must have completed the following:
1. Achieved "Grandmaster Artisan"
2. Be into the Zafaria storyline.
With koyote, you must craft 2 spirit caller drums. You will also need a secondary recipe, conga drums, which can be bought from Gearwise in Celestial Base Camp for 4,755 gold. Take your time crafting these; as they get much much tougher than before. Good luck! Hope this helped!